EGGS: 'Starting Over'


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Oh Yamaha CS 80,

I think and feel like
A violent sandstorm
That is for the most part quiet
But blows out the microphone
Just a little bit

Oh Yamaha CS 80,

I think and feel like
Fear and Sleepy got married
Living in a world without a manual
Where all knowledge is a blind guess
For the most part

And Yamaha CS 80,

My outfit matches
Cronenberg ‘s color palette
But my favorite song is
Linus & Lucy,
But what can you do?

No one can dance to you
But that is okay, I guess
Cuz I think you’re there
All the time anyways,
After everyone leaves.

Oh Yamaha CS 80,

You are the 15-24 Chorus
In those Tragedies
And most Comedies
Of One
Having to discover Fire,
The Wheel, and Language
All in one lifetime

Oh Yamaha CS 80,

You truly are a far-out dude.


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