Did You Hear? Hans Condor Allegedly Broke Up




Have you ever seen bluesy, maximum-fuzz psych rockers Hans Condor live? If you haven't, you may never get the chance to — though I hope, for the sake of all those who enjoy ballsy, blown-out rock 'n' roll, that I'm wrong. As you'll see from the above tweet (they put it on the 'Book, too), the Condor appears to have called it a day. That's the word on the street and around the bonfire as well, as it happens.

Anyway, we named Hans Condor the town's most entertaining live band in this year's Best of Nashville issue, and their ear-splitting, sweat-soaked SoundLand set at Third Man Records was easily among the most brutal we saw that week ("frenzied, spasmodic," "raw" and "unbridled" are the terms we used to describe it). Well, frontman Charles Kaster has been playing shows in Nashville for just about as long as I've been going to shows in Nashville, so even if Hans is down for the count, that doesn't mean we won't still get a taste of Kaster's metaphorical bodily fluids in future incarnations. Below I've embedded a tune of the Condor's, so that we may rock as we mourn. Hear more at their site.

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