John C. Reilly Releases Two Third Man Records Blue Series Singles



Well, we all know that Jack White and his cohorts over at Third Man Records are no strangers to strange collaborations. Then again, this one may not be as strange as it initially seems. TMR recently announced that today, Nov. 29, they'll be releasing two Blue Series singles featuring performances by noted Academy Award-nominated actor, Steve Brule portayer and hard walker John C. Reilly.

One single is a cover of Ray Price’s “I’ll Be There If You Ever Want” with Becky Stark (of Lavender Diamond), and the other is a cover of The Louvin Brothers' "Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" with Tom Brosseau. (Here's a video of Brosseau and Reilly doing "Guitar" live back in June.) It's pretty traditional, soulful country stuff — no jokes, totally legit — and you can stream both songs at TMR's homepage. On the whole, the recordings are rather lovely, and easily more palatable than a couple of Detroiters hollering for you to lick their asses. (By the way, the comments section on that ICP/TMR Soundcloud page has totally been taken over by Juggalos, so ... beware.)

The Reilly singles are available "worldwide and on iTunes," say the TMR folks, and "The Tri-Colors of these releases will NOT be sold at Third Man ... but will be sold in a different special location that we will be announcing very soon." Shall we make the obligatory "For your health!" joke? Nah. Let's skip it.

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