Jonny Corndawg, 'Chevy Beretta' [Fresh Vid]



Buckle in, because we're about to start our three-day work week in style. The lead-off tune from sometime Nashvillian Jonny Corndawg's critically acclaimed Down on the Bikini Line is "Chevy Beretta," and it's a tune about all the things that matter: small towns, loud music, telling your manager to "fuck off" at the grocery store and running up the down escalator at the mall. The video for "Beretta" — which happens to be Corndawg's first-ever official music video — was directed by Sean Dunne and edited by Kathy Gatto, and I have to say, some of the video's editing is absolutely brilliant. What pairs up with honky-tonk pickin' better'n glaringly dated photos and video of white-trash buffoonery? Also, you might recognize Dunne as the guy who directed Stray Dawg, the genuinely captivating short film about Corndawg's participation in the Surf City USA Marathon.

By the way, Corndawg now has a Tumblr, which he's stocking with all sorts of insightful and peculiar things. And seriously, if you still haven't listened to Bikini Line — which features playing and singing from locals including Ben Martin, Caitlin Rose, Loney Hutchins, Joshua Hedley, Jordan Caress, Tristen, Buddy Hughen and more — do it right now. It's one of the more impressive local releases of the year, and certainly the funniest.

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