Bad Cop Premieres 'Animal' Video Via Impose Magazine [Fresh Vid]



You know what's fun? Lighting stuff on fire. Specifically, lighting furniture on fire. It's big, it burns well, it satisfies the pyromaniacal urge, and it'll keep your hobo camp warm for hours. You know what else is fun? Kickin' shit over. And skateboarding. And wearing flannel. OK, that last one might not be "fun" per say, but it sure is warm, and warm is more fun than cold, I guess. I dunno know where I'm gong with this ... oh wait, I do know where I'm going with this: Local garage-rocking goon squad Bad Cop premiered their new video — directed by the Scene's crash-test-dummy-in-chief Seth Graves — via Impose Magazine today, and (you guessed it) it's fun!

Maybe this shitty weather just has me yearnin' for some kicks, but I wouldn't mind lighting things on fire and wearing flannel. Maybe I'll do that after I right this blog post. Anyway, I'm feeling the "100 %" vibe of the video, and I'm actually looking forward to this li'l six-pack thingy, which comes out tomorrow wherever thingies are sold. You know you love to buy thingies, you thingy-buying fools.

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