Live and Reel Presents Andrew Combs' 'Heavy' and 'Devil's Got My Woman' [Fresh Vids]



From the fine folks at Live and Reel — they're the ones who brought you sessions from The Little Bear, Evan P. Donohue and Natalie Prass — comes yet another installment. This one features tunes from dusty roots-country crooner Andrew Combs. Watch Combs perform "Heavy" above and "Devil's Got My Woman" after the jump. Get MP3s of the performances here and here, respectively. A third video, featuring Combs performing "Playin' the Part," can be seen via L&R's Facebook page or by giving the Reel folks your email address.

Whatever you think of the wistful, world-weary wandering of Combs' earnest croon, you have to admit that this material falls a hell of a lot closer to genuine, thoughtful traditional country music than the vast majority of stuff coming out of our fine town these days. And that Spencer Cullum Jr.? The British fellow on pedal steel who you might recognize as Caitlin Rose's frequent go-to steel man? Well, that guy's just ridiculously talented.

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