Jonny Corndawg, R. Stevie Moore, Carl Broemel, Madi Diaz and More on Daytrotter



We've long been fans of the folks at Daytrotter and all the work they do. Not too long ago, they began requiring registration in order to listen to their sessions — minor pain, but mostly not a big deal, and there's even a free trial option.

But on the local tip, Daytrotter recently posted sessions featuring former/current/sometime Nashville residents like the legendary and prolific mad scientist of lo-fi, R. Stevie Moore, My Morning Jacket guitarist and noted solo singer-songwriter Carl Broemel and nomadic trad-country joker Jonny Corndawg. As always, each session features a handful of tracks recorded at Daytrotter HQ — The Horseshack — and an accompanying essay penned by Trotter honcho Sean Moeller. "Every time we see Corndawg," observes Moeller in one essay, "he's more the person he seems meant to be."

A relatively new feature on the site is the video section — you don't need to register in order to view any of those. Nashvillians Keegan DeWitt and Madi Diaz — both of whom are veterans of Daytrotter's Barnstormer Tour — are among the myriad artists featured in those videos. And if you're super-keen on hearing the Daytrotter Sessions as they're being recorded, you can sign up for those here. The next one — slated for Friday, Nov. 18 — will feature Nashvillian feel-good indie-pop ensemble The Kopecky Family Band.

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