Casting Call: 'Country Music Housewives Types and Socialites'



  • Asher Acipenseridae
Are you or your spouse wealthy music business insiders in a city built upon wealthy music business insiders? Well, you’re still a failure, because you are not on reality TV! But don’t worry your pretty little heads about it for too long, because this Craigslist casting call could bring just the attention you’ve been needlessly seeking!

Major Network Casting Country Music Housewives Types and Socialites, We are looking for BIG BOLD Personalities That have a country or country music Housewife type feel to them. Have you seen the Real Housewives and said You or your friends should have a show like that but country style? If so then we want to hear from you! do you have a Big house, Big hair , big looks, big confidence, and big fun?? or are you or the person you're married to someone in the country music business?? are you or your husband a music executive at Curb Records, are you or him a country music star? is he the guitar player for for someone famous. Are you a major socialite then send us an email with a 2 photos and a quick description of why you would be perfect for this. This will be a fun classy yet in your face type of show think Beverly hills housewives or Orange County Housewives but " Country music" style

[sic] paragraph, Major Network intern!

And ladies, keep in mind that even though the word “housewives” was used four times in the ad, Andy Cohen (the Bravo executive that gave himself a show, on Bravo) went on record in March stating that The Real Housewives of Miami was the last spin-off city of the Real Housewives series. Does this mean he’s a dirty rotten liar, or does it mean a lesser network will soldier on with the unceasing popular assumption that Nashville is a down-market burg full of rootin’ tootin’ sonofaguns who like their Jack like they like their men: with Coke (I lost my metaphor)? Well, that’s for the editors to decide!

(HT: East Nashville With Love)

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