PUJOL's 'Mayday' Vid Debuts Via Rolling Stone [Fresh Vid]




The last locally notable video debut we saw via Rolling Stone was JEFF the Brotherhood's "Whatever I Want." Well, their former/sometime Infinity Cat labelmates PUJOL — whose Nasty, Brutish and Short was, of course, recently released via Saddle Creekjust premiered the video for EP-opener and totally solid jam "Mayday" via the Stone. Like JEFF's "Whatever I Want" video, this one features the direction of Third Man Records' in-house photog Jo McCaughey and the editing skills of local dude Seth Pomeroy. Here's a Pujie quote:

The video for "Mayday," the fuzzed-out garage-pop track that kicks off the EP, finds Pujol engaging in some good-natured competition with friends, including card games and a little harmless knifeplay. The sportsmanship portrayed "begets something between the two parties involved," explains [frontman Daniel] Pujol, "like a music video or human synergy, as opposed to the brinksmanship and funky power struggles of a zero-sum game for exclusive wieners and losers."

That's our Pujol! As per usual with RS, the video sports one of those nifty, totally not obnoxious autoplay features, so you'll have to have a look after the jump. In addition to eating contests and knife fights and rooftop hangs, you'll notice some familiar Nashville faces in the video — and methinks there's another familiar Nashville face behind that George Washington mask.

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