Heather Byrd's CMA Awards Coverage [Fresh Vid]



By now you’ve probably noticed that the Cream isn’t exactly your one-stop viral shop for all things CMA Awards. But that doesn’t mean we’re not at least a stop for one thing CMA Awards-related. If memory serves (Hint: It probably doesn’t, considering a local barista told me I smell like Nag Champa this morning, so … ) this might actually be the first time we at the Cream have ever offered up some post-CMAs coverage, as the Country Music Association probably knows better than to allow snark-baiting ne’er-do-wells like us within microphone’s reach of Keith and Nicole.

So we did the next best thing and sent Nashville red-carpet fixture and celebrity commentator Heather Byrd down to The Stone last night, and to the week’s previous CMA-related events to yuck it up with and report on pop-country's best and brightest. Glamour, red carpet quips, party times, press conferences, humble bragging, Lionel Richie’s roots, Taylor Swift’s gushing, hand-to-mouth shock over winning yet another trophy for her mantle — see all that and more captured in the clip posted above. And while you're at it, check out Heather's photo slideshows (1, 2, 3).

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