Tristen Seeks Kickstarter Funds for a Holiday Record


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Halloween is over and y'all know what that means! What? Thanksgiving? A day where you have a communal meal and get all touchy-feely about how thankful you are? Nice try, Occupy Wall Street! No, it means that there's only a scant 45 days left to communicate exactly how you feel about everyone you know with Christmas presents.

More to the point, it also happens to mean that we're at the outset of a deluge of holiday music. Not content to be shown up by She & Him or whatever the hell this is supposed to be, local songstress (and serious contender for my personal Top Local Records of 2011 list) Tristen is getting into the Christmas game with a holiday record funded via Kickstarter.

Tristen's Decks the Halls 7-inch contains three holiday classics, including “Blue Christmas,” “Frosty the Snowman” and Vashti Bunyan's “Winter Is Blue.” If that track list looks familiar, you may recognize some of those songs from Jeremy Ferguson's annual Battlepod holiday podcast. Your money will go toward pressing a limited run of Christmas records, which will also feature artwork by Sam's Myth (seen here, making what someone on Twitter described as a "pterodactyl noise" in a Ke$ha cover) and photography by omnipresent punk photog Bekah Cope.

After less than a day, they've already raised more than $800 of their $2,000 goal, which means that you're out of luck if you were gunning for the hyper-limited $100 tier — which prominently featured a scarf knitted by Ms. Gaspadarek herself, along with a journal, a print of the album art in poster form and a copy of the record. Nice! If you happen to be a generous member of the 1 percent, you can also score a live Skype Christmas concert or a house show by donating $500 or $1,000 respectively.

You have until 2:29 p.m. on Nov. 30 to contribute your dollars to the cause.

In other Tristen news, she'll be playing November 23 at The Basement with Andrew Combs and Jonny Corndawg, and she recently chatted with Elle about travel tips. How chic! In other other Tristen news, guitarist Buddy Hughen has a brand new psych-pop project called Sharpneck and posted two songs to Facebook. I know it's played out to compare things to The Beatles but, “Albatross” totally sounds like a Beatles song. Deal with it, grinches.


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