Matt Moody's 'Name Your Heart' Featured in Spanish Mercedes Commercial, Spaniards Seem to Dig It [Fresh Vid]



Remember Matt Moody's new tune "Name Your Heart"? The one we shared with you two weeks ago? Well, we're not the only ones who dig it, apparently. As you'll see above, "Name Your Heart" was featured in a Spanish-language Mercedes-Benz commercial — as we discovered via this tweet from one of Moody's bands, By Lightning! — and the country of origin appears to be Spain. (Pardon my ignorance if it's from some other Spanish-speaking nation. Mexico, perhaps? I'm rusty on my dialects.) Anyway, after sucking bro's face in front of his parents, the young lady in the ad says what I believe translates to, "Let's never be like our parents," to which bro responds with something that sounds like, "Car wash." (Little do they know that bro's parents did the nasty in a Benz once upon a time, too!) A Spanish-language blog that hunts down the artists behind songs in commercials blogged about this one, and here's how Google Translate interprets an excerpt from the post:

After a couple of weeks of fruitless searching, finally we know the name of the song. Neither Oasis nor Beady Eye, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are its authors, as noted (with the best intentions in the world) some. The lucky is unknown, at least for me, Matt Moody Nashville interpreter responsible for this "Name your heart" that so many headaches has given us. All credit goes to the discovery of user rzar7k Youtube that has provided the final data (id to your channel and let him thank you comment.)

Oasis?! I mean, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club maybe. But I'm not hearing the Brothers Gallagher in there. No matter. Congrats to Mr. Moody, who will have an album release show for his forthcoming El Baile de los Muertos at Art and Soul Studio on Dec. 10. The release will also function as a show for the art of Moody's wife, Mandy Peitz Moody, who did all the art work for the record. More on that closer to the date. Now, for good measure, let's have a listen to "Name Your Heart" once again. It's after the jump.

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