Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Struggle, Kaby, Brian Cameron, Mac L, Dee Goodz]



And the award for Best Use of Pedal Steel in a Hip-Hop Song goes to ... Struggle! OK, so there aren't a lot of examples of pedal steel in hip-hop, and usually I'm not a big supporter of country-rap crossover stuff — they're both great genres. But damn, can their offspring be ugggg-ly. But good gawddamn, Struggle's "Outlaw Shit" is a beautiful song! And probably the most Nashville-sounding of all Nashville records this year. Yelawolf's vocal contribution is gorgeous (which is weird to type but totally true), and the hook from the one and only Waylon Jennings (Strug's grandpa! Who knew?!) is super badass. The video is really well done — there's a story line AND they light a car on fire! — and Strug's storytelling is razor sharp. Did I mention that Waylon is on the hook? It rules. I seriously have been listening to this track on repeat all morning.

But the dopeness don't stop there! We got more party and more bullshit after the jump!

* Kaby's back like a heart attack with his new video for "Splitting Hairs" and the new mixtape Halloween Massacre III. Dude goes hard, and if you like your hip-hop rugged and goonish (I do) you're gonna dig on this one. If you dig the video, check the director Cakemaster 3000's new website. The kid's got a good eye, and he's at all the parties you wish you went to.

* Have I posted the video for "D.umb" yet? I thought I did, but I couldn't find it in the archives. Fuck it, this track's so dope I'll post it again, crazy punctuation be damned! This track is smooth in Souls of Mischief sorta way, the beat bangs, and the chorus is one of the most anthemic to come out of town in a hot minute — hell, if you can get Old Man Maloney to chant about "dumb ass kid-ary" when he's sitting by himself, you must be doing something right.

* Mac L's new tape Raw Material is a banger, hemming closely to the classic backpack sound. He's got a flow that reminds me of the first Showbiz & AG record. I mean, it's not S&AG, but it's got that classic NYC underground feel.

* Dee Goodz, arguably one of the most productive dudes in the whole city, dropped the first single "Weekend in Miami" from his album Donald G this week. I heard the album last night, and I gotta say that shit is DOOOOOOPE. Donald G comes out at the end of the month, and you can be sure that we'll have in-depth coverage when it does.

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