Bird Names, Renee Louise Carafice, Hands off Cuba, Hepatitties and Coupler at Noa Noa Saturday



If you don't know who Tony Youngblood is, allow me to introduce you. Tony Youngblood is the founder of Theatre Intangible, a local music blog that reports on all things experimental, noisy or just plain “forward-thinking.” The blog doubles as Youngblood's weekly podcast in which he pairs local and international avant-garde musicians — some who have never even played together before — and broadcasts their on-the-spot improvisations. He has done over 70 of these, and even earned a nod as this year's "Best Podcast We Don't Host" in the Scene's Best of Nashville issue. This Saturday, Tony is hosting a show at his house, Noa Noa. He has chosen a killer lineup of local acts to support Athens, Georgia's Bird Names, a quirky, intuitive group who have succeeded in creating “magic spells of music that suggest a path to the Revolution of the Unconscious." Bird Names played a deconstructed, enlightened set as a two-piece at Betty's last March, but this time they will be debuting their new “psychedelic big band” ensemble.

Local New Zealand native Renee Louise Carafice, who is also on the bill, met Bird Name's frontman David Lineal while living and working as a cashier girl at Whole Foods in Chicago. “I never talked to the customers while I was working,” says Carafice. “But we hit it off and he invited me to the Bird Names show that night, and they were so crazy and sounded like nothing I had ever heard — not even the polar opposite of it. They weren't even striving for any of that. ... It was more like a celebration of noise. Then I was obsessed, like that girl on Flight of the Concords. I began stalking them and emailing them ideas for songs. I had this song idea for them called 'All You Need is Food' (instead of love), and David wrote me back saying he could 'never write a song called that' because he 'disagreed with the food industry in this country.' "

Renee Louise Carafice is an experimental glam-folk-pop songstress and a critically acclaimed songwriter in New Zealand. Carafice may very well steal the show, and rightfully so. She moved to the States six years ago to escape the spotlight and her rising fame. (Last May I met a bartender in Australia who was from New Zealand, and I asked her if she had heard of Renee. Of course she had. “You know her? I am obsessed with her! Oh my God, she is amazing!”) Carafice moved to Chicago, recorded an album at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio, worked and hung out in the Rat Patrol bike club. Through Rat Patrol she met Nashville punks Heavy Cream, and one day she hopped in their van and moved to Nashville. After living here a year-and-a-half, Renee hasn't played more than a handful of shows, mainly because she wasn't able to bring vital instruments with her to the U.S. Lucky for us, Renee has started playing out again, and Saturday's show will be the perfect opportunity to see her perform in an intimate setting before she is headlining the likes of The Ryman. Fans of local indie goddesses Cortney Tidwell, Tristen and Caitlin Rose will fall in love with Carafice's powerful, sensual voice, her perfect pop hooks and her unique songwriting.

Saturday is also local concept band Hepatitties' final show. Every Hepatitties song is written from the viewpoint of British It-Girl Peaches Geldof. Lead singer Chris Murray (also of Square People Jazz Maturity) explains, “Peaches was who I thought was the ideal woman. An heiress who doubles as a petty thief, a heroin user who gets messed up and has one-night stands with strange men, and a supreme scenester. Then she chose Scientology over rock 'n' roll, and that was the end of it for me. That's why Saturday will be our last show.” Back in March, Hepatitties were suppose to open Hans Condor's record release show at Foobar, but it was mysteriously canceled. “That was supposed to be Hepatitties' last show,” says an insider, “but they didn't get to play it because apparently after the guys in Hans Condor saw them a month before the release show at Foobar, they freaked out because they realized they couldn't follow Hepatitties. It was just that insane.” Murray was never given an explanation for the cancellation, but claims he heard the same thing.

The majestic Hands off Cuba and Coupler (Ryan Norris' solo drones) play as well. Music begins at 8. There is no cover charge, but Tony will be collecting donations for Bird Names. This will be the last show at Noa Noa until the spring. Check out the Facebook Event page for all the details.

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