Free Tracks from Brendan Benson, Caitlin Rose, Those Darlins and More [Fresh-ish Tracks]



* Nashvillian Raconteur and solo artist Brendan Benson covered David Bowie's "Candidate," and American Songwriter posted it. As one very astute commenter noted, the track cuts off at 1:45, but it sounds pretty good until there. Keep your eye on the post and the track — maybe we'll get an updated version? Either way, 453 Music will offer the first two volumes of a set they're calling Upstairs at United on Record Store Day's "Back to Black" Friday (Nov. 25), and that will feature several covers from Brendan Benson and Corey Chisel — all of which were recorded at Nashville's own United Record Pressing. Update: The full version of Benson's cover of "Candidate" is now up at AS.

* Did you guys see local country crooner Caitlin Rose on Rolling Stone? RS is offering a free download of Rose's "Shanghai Cigarettes," and they also happened to talk to her a little bit about the nicotine-y inspiration for her tune. "They taste like shit, but I guess they make great stocking stuffers," says Cato. You crazy, Cato!

* In celebration of Halloween, country punkstresses (and male drummer Sheriff Lin, who is dudely as hell) Those Darlins are giving away their track "Mystic Mind" for free. Well, nearly free. You have to sign up for their email list. Trick or treat, son!

And on the video front, European electro-pop outfit The Green Children filmed their video for "Black Magic (Part III)" at The End here in Nashville, and it's being offered as a "Halloween Exclusive." The song itself is a little ... well, it's cleanly produced, European dance pop. How do you think it sounds? Anyway, you only get to see The End featured in a music video that appears to have had some sort of a budget — at least enough of a budget for, like, two dozen candles — every so often, so see it after the jump. Also, since it's Halloween, watch Bobby Bare Jr. playing his "Rock and Roll Halloween" on Lightning 100 a couple years back. Why not?

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