Party & Bullshit: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Wrapper's Delight, Moss Da Beast, Kaby, Gab, OpenMic, Jota Ese, Myrryrs]



It's decorative gourd season motherfuckers! And we here at P&B — and by "we" I mean "me" — take this season very seriously. Well, as seriously as a person who writes a column named "Party & Bullsh*t" can take anything. Which brings me to the first order of business on this most epic of holiday weekends: Wrapper's Delight, the latest entrant into the Nashville food-truck onslaught. Any longtime reader knows I love a good food pun — like, food puns might be my favorite thing ever — and I'm sure you've all figured out that I have a fondness for hip-hop. So I'm sure you can figure out my reaction to menu items like "Triple Six Tilapia," "The PB Cool J" and my personal favorite, "The Big L-talian." The fare looks very, uh, stoner-friendly, and they hit the streets in early November. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be a regular. I mean, who doesn't want the "Gangsta Grizill'd Caesar"?

All righty then, let's get on with the business of partying and bullshitting after the jump. It's gonna be a quick one, 'cuz I gotta get out of town and get my Tony Toni Tone on.

* Speaking of ol' Triple-T, I dig that Raphael Saadiq sample in the new Moss Da Beast track.

* Our drinking buddies over at Break on a Cloud hooked up two hot singles this week. The first, most seasonally minded is Kaby's new track "Fuck Shit" from his Halloween Massacre III mixtape, which drops on Saturday. It's a hard, belligerent banger, goonish in the best possible way. BOAC also blessed us with Gab's more low-key but obscenely titled "Don't Fuck With Me". This one's all mellow and introspective — comparatively speaking — but that hook is way creepy/catchy.

* OpenMic has a new single, "Another One," and it's all dope horns and Matt Hasselback jokes, as you might expect. Another quality banger from The Rebel himself.

* Our readers are awesome! One of sent me this Jota Ese tape, eastsidegetdownmuzik, which is one of the woozier, more psychedelic hip-hop records that's ever come out of our fair scene. If you like your hip-hop on the outer edge, you're gonna dig this. Also, while you're at it, pick up Myrryrs' — aka the artist formally known as Justin Kase — new Blood of a Slave EP. It's a codeine-drenched excursion into deep instrumental hip-hop and has been on repeat here at P&B HQ all week. Super-buttah beats, y'all.

And I'm out! If you gotta hot tape, dope show or cool video hit me up on Twitter or email music[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

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