The Black Keys Release 'Lonely Boy' Single and Video [Fresh Track + Fresh Vid]



Well, Nashvillians The Black Keys recruited the inimitable Bob Odenkirk to hilariously and unceremoniously unveil news of their forthcoming record — El Camino, out Dec. 6 via Nonesuch — a couple of weeks ago, so it stands to reason that they'd pair the record's first single with a strikingly simple and mirthful one-shot music video. That's right: The video for The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy," which you can see above, features nothing more than one continuous shot of a man (who looks like maybe he's the shift manager at a plastics manufacturing company in 1983 or something) dancing and singing along. I mean, it's enjoyable dancing. Also, the song itself is (unsurprisingly) an up-tempo burst of riff-fueled blues rock that features yet another catchy, anguished Auerbachian vocal melody, not to mention some pretty cool nuances here and there (gang vocals, a bit of organ, and what sounds like a partially pitch-shifted lead riff).

If you pre-order El Camino right now, you'll automatically get an instant download of "Lonely Boy." Or, of course, you can wait until Record Store Day's "Back to Black" Friday (Nov. 25) and purchase the single b/w "Run Right Back" on 12-inch vinyl. Also, I'd just like to say that even though 2010/11 was basically the year of the Keys — winning multiple Grammys and setting up shop here in Nashville and all — they've still come back with a true-to-form, non-overinflated, solid single accompanied by a completely silly music video. Grammy winners The Black Keys: Keeping it mad real.

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