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Well, The Queen of Soul is playing tonight at The Ryman, but as you might expect, tickets to that one are a bit steep. If you're down for something that's also good but completely different, consider this: Asobi Seksu will be appearing this evening at The Basement. Originally called "Sportfuck," the NYC-based dream-pop outfit changed their name to Asobi Seksu — which roughly translates to "Play Sex" in Japanese imported slang — early in their career. Probably a smart move. Contributor Edd Hurt penned a Critic's Pick for us, and this is how it goes:

One of many bands influenced by the abrasive but oddly reassuring guitar textures of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, Asobi Seksu combines skronk and lyricism on their new full-length release Fluorescence. Originally slotted in with the dream-pop and shoegazer groups of the last decade, the New York band might remind you of The Strokes — if dirty guitar sound predominated on such early entries in the Asobi Seksu discography as 2006's Circus, the songwriting revealed a delicate way with melody that offset anything unsettling in the production. Vocalist Yuki Chikudate takes an unaffected approach to her updated ’60s girl-group melodies, but the mesh of ethereal vocals and ominous keyboards makes such Fluorescence tracks as "Deep Weird Sleep" models of light, graceful pop that don't stint on weirdness or ambiguity. The record finds new ways to explore the shallows of guitar-heavy pop, and that's pretty deep. —EDD HURT

A 10-spot will get you in, and White Birds open.

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