Seth Timbs, One Man Argument [Review + Fresh Track]



Over the past week or two, a whole stack of enjoyable local releases has landed on my desk — both my literal desk and my, um, digital desk. Folks trying to make year-end best-of lists? Would-be stocking stuffers? Nashvillians just being productive? Whatever the explanation, there’s a whole slew of them. So I’m going to try and tackle about one of these per day this week — not in full-fledged-review format, but rather mini-morsel-rundown format.

Seth Timbs (known to Spongebath Records fans as the brains behind Fluid Ounces) has a solo release, out just last week, titled One Man Argument. In typical Timbs fashion, it’s earnest, fervent pop with nuanced little bits of instrumentation and arrangement. There are the bedroom-pop quirks here and there — layers and layers of guitars, sundry percussion and synth tones (the organ on the instrumental number “Kingfisher” is top-notch). Some songs (“Loved to Pieces,” for instance) skew tender and intimate, while others (like “Horsefeathers”) are overtly buoyant indie pop. At times, Timbs’ heart is on his sleeve, sure. But he knows better than to be all precious about it. And just when you think Argument is all about zealous heartland-rock acoustic strumming and genuine feelings, Timbs breaks out a bit of mirth and playfulness with the lilting, upbeat "Trophy Wife" — for my money, the most enjoyable track on the record, with its dexterous piano bits, root-note riffing and tongue-in-cheekedness. Personally, I like my pop to be a touch dirty and/or dark at times, and while Timbs keeps it on the light side, Argument remains a smart alternative to your typical pop — or even indie-pop — record.

Preview or download Seth Timbs' One Man Argument via iTunes, and hear "Tropy wife" below.

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