Glossary Record Release at The 5 Spot, 10/7/11


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When The Spin walked up to The 5 Spot Friday night — because The Spin is very hip and green and rolls that way all the time — we were expecting a couple things: Firstly, we were told there was apparently no opening act. (Incorrect. Richie — the latest outfit from Richie Kirkpatrick of Ghostfinger and Jessica Lea Mayfield's band — allegedly played a set of sports- and animal-print-themed, Southern-flavored power-trio tunes. Highly entertaining stuff that we caught at SoundLand and a house party weeks before that, but we missed it this go-round.) Secondly, given this is not only a Glossary release show, but the first time the band’s played around these parts in a good while, surely this would be one of those packed-out shows filled to the brim with current and former Murfreesboroeans a la the Sharon Van Etten show last year. But no, not even close.

Nope, things looked pretty much like you’d expect The 5 Spot to on any given Friday night, which isn’t to say there wasn’t a damn good bit of folks who came out to see the veteran Middle Tennessee staple again for what could have been any given attendee's 100th+ time over the past 15+ years.

It’s easy to forget just how gifted a band like Glossary is until they’re right there rocking your very face off — easy to take such a seemingly permanent mainstay for granted. But heavens, once these guys and girls get cookin’, each working their respective magic on their weapons of choice in perfect unison, you’re reminded very quickly it’s the kind of magic only a band as old as these guys have had time to perfect.

The set was heavy in tracks from their brand-new Long Live All of Us, a Kickstarter-funded, homegrown work recorded over the course of a month at a house in Rockvale, Tenn. Much like the jams for which they’re known best, the new stuff bounces lightly through gospel-influenced belters and deep R&B grooves — all powered with high energy Southern effervescence.


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