The Nobility Sends Us Very Impressive Press Package, Record (Available Oct. 11) Is Good Too


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The Nobility: Not fucking around.
  • The Nobility: Not fucking around.
We like fancy packages here. (Read that however you like.) You may recall the time Bellamy Baylor sent along a package that looked like it could have been a very fancy booby trap, but was in fact a shoe. We got a kick out of that.

Well, Nashvillian indie popsters The Nobility are no slouches when it comes to attention-grabbery, and, frankly, unlike Baylor, they make the sort of music in which we — and hopefully you — are genuinely interested. The Nobility (formerly Jetpack, and Jetpack UK after that) will be releasing their full-length, The Secret of Blennerhassett Island, on Tuesday, Oct. 11. We posted the video for their single "Best Day of My Life" last week, but that was only the beginning of their media onslaught. Follow me after the jump, won't you?

From the outside, The Nobility's press package looked like this:


Under the lid — to which a stick of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum was affixed "As a token of [The Nobility's] sincere gratitude" — I found a copy of The Secret of Blennerhassett Island, along with a DVD-R. The DVD-R features a bio (which is titled "Scott Bio" and boasts a picture of Scott Baio, naturally), photos, the aforementioned music video and this particularly stunning photograph of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T's lap:

  • Next Level.

There's also an extended Nobility-centric time line, which features all of their accomplishments, not the least of which was "having a song featured in a really awful Meg Ryan movie that spent two weeks in theaters before it washed up on the banks of the Lifetime Network." Here's the time line:


Awesome. So, what about the way the album actually sounds?

My initial thoughts? Loads of the baroque-pop arrangements I’ve come to expect from the bookish boys of The Nobility. Forgive me if “baroque pop” is too inside-baseball-music-critic a term for you, but The Secret of Blennerhassett Island is probably the most baroque pop-sounding thing I’ve heard in a hot minute or so. So what does that mean? It means the instrumentation is diverse but tasteful, with warm horns, diverse keyboard tones, staccato string jabs and auxiliary percussion filling every empty space. It means brief, up-tempo tunes with conventionally poppy vocal melodies, and it means whimsical moments, like the playful “oohs,” “ahhs” and “yah-yah-yahs” of “Everybody Says It’s Funny” and the “Loh, loh, loh-loh-loh-lohs” of “Best Day of My Life.” It's a good, round release from a band that will strike a chord with anyone who enjoys the fruit of the tree that The Beatles planted. You know, everything from Emitt Rhodes all the way up to Richard Swift.

The Nobility is playing a string of out-of-town shows this month, but they'll perform at The Rutledge on Nov. 4. We'll have some more in-depth criticism of their new release 'round that time, but for now, we'll leave it at this: Good on you, Nobility. You've entertained a batch of underpaid cynics. Surely that's all the reward you truly need!


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