WOTT Volume 48, Brother Leather's 'Meat Mural' Kickstarter, The Ettes Kicked off Imelda May Tour/Third & Lindsley Show [Newsy Bits]



* The fellas at We Own This Town are on their grind, per usual. Just two weeks ago, they released the 47th WOTT installment — it was a video installment, and it featured the inimitable playing of Mr. William Tyler. Now, Volume 48 is here. It's back to audio, and the 'cast features tunes from Glossary, Little Viking, Codaphonic, The GoldRoom, PUJOL, Diarrhea Planet, Calicocat, Birdcloud, Evan P. Donohue, Fly Golden Eagle, daas, Makeup and Vanity Set and Grandpa Egg. By the way, Glossary's album release is Friday, Oct. 7, at The 5 Spot, but we'll have more on that later. Oh, and the new Birdcloud? We'll have more on that, too. [MP3, M4A]

* You know Paper Route? Well, former Paper Route frontman Andy Smith has a new outfit called Brother Leather, and Brother Leather is the vehicle via which he's mounting a project called "Meat Mural." As you can see at his Kickstarter page, Smith is combining visual art with music for this project, and he wants to distribute the album right along with actual pieces of the mural he intends to create. Novel approach, and a novel project. Smith's got $1,595 of his $6,000 goal, with 12 days to go. See his Kickstarter video after the jump.

* So, The Ettes were slated for a bit of Northern and Midwestern touring with Irish rockabilly lass Imelda May, which was to wrap up here in Music City at Third & Lindsley. That was the plan, anyhow. Apparently, Ettes frontwoman Coco Hames mouthed off a bit to New York's Metro paper — not about Imelda in particular, but generally about rocking ... generally. "We might blow you off the stage and play a show that you can’t possibly come up against," said Hames, "but we’ll do it in the time frame." Well, The Ettes claim that the piece in question — which, I think, is pretty innocuous and kinda reads like the music section of a retirement community's newsletter — was the primary (if not sole) impetus for being dropped from May's tour. Ms. Hames has some more things to say about it on her blog, but if you were planning on seeing The Ettes along with Imelda at Third & Lindsley Oct. 9, know that you're now going to get an Ettes-less dose of Irish rockabilly.

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