JEFF the Brotherhood's 'Whatever I Want' Vid Debuts Via Rolling Stone [Fresh Vid]




As promised by TMR, JEFF the Brotherhood's video for "Whatever I Want" debuted today via Rolling Stone. As card-carrying Bro-heads (i.e., "JEFF fans") already know, the Jack White-produced "Whatever I Want" 7-inch was released today as a Blue Series vinyl installment and as a single on iTunes. As previously noted, the B-side is a cover of Tiger B. Smith's "Everything I Need."

The video, which you can see after the jump (thanks, Rolling Stone's auto-play function), was directed by Third Man's in-house photographer, Jo McCaughey, and it features the Orrall Brothers looking awfully spooky — not to mention the attractive young ladies who appear as though they're being harvested for body parts a la Turistas or Hostel or Stepford Wives or something. Also, have a look at those hands playing the organ part. Look familiar? You know Jack White himself played Hammond on the song, right? Put 2 and 2 together, friends.

Update: Rolling Stone has now corrected the title of the video, from "Whatever I Need" to "Whatever I Want."

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