The Nobility, 'Best Day of My Life' [Fresh Vid]



Mirthful indie poppers The Nobility are back! They'll be releasing a brand-new record called The Secret of Blennerhassett Island come Oct. 11, and they've got a video for their lead-off single, "Best Day of My Life." See said fresh vid (shot and edited by Brian Wilson) above.

Last time we talked about a Nobility music video, I alluded to the fact that it reminded me just a little bit of filmmaker Wes Anderson. What about this go-round? Hmmm ... black-and-white, with art-house beatniks aplenty, a cigarette-smoking, blasé-looking Abe Lincoln, a bit of hand-jiving and a wonderfully muppet-like vocal refrain? There's at least a little taste of Woody Allen in there somewhere. Anyway, The Nobility keeps it lithe and mirthful, and for that they score cool points. Keep it up, Nobe Bros!

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