Gang Gang Dance Tonight at Mercy Lounge



Did everyone survive SoundLand? Still nursing the hangover of a lifetime? Were you one of the roughly 2,000 lucky folks who caught Elvis at The Ryman last night, and thus are feeling spiritually rejuvenated? (Seriously, how incredible was that?) Anyhow, we have plenty more SoundLand and Costello coverage coming your way. Just ... give us a minute. We just need to find our car keys, let the aspirin take hold and crank out some coverage for you. In the meantime, do you like Gang Gang Dance? William Hooker does. He wrote a Critic's Pick, which goes like this:

Gang Gang Dance’s compelling, beat-savvy experiment in noise-rock will surely melt Nashville faces. Like fellow freak flag-fliers Animal Collective, with whom the Gang shares a penchant for genre-hopping (from shoegaze to techno to dub-step to No Wave), GGD’s latest album, Eye Contact, is also their most accessible. Still, be warned: This is a left-of-the-dial affair. Likewise, fans of Swedish duo The Knife should dig GGD singer Liz Bougatsos’ haunting Kate Bush wail, accompanied by discordant if sometimes sublime synth-pop. But GGD also possesses mainstream appeal as evinced by Florence & The Machine’s baroque-pop hit “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” — in which snippets of GGD’s mystical, majestic, synth-hop odyssey “House Jam” are overtly plagiarized. Besides their penchant for the avant garde, Gang Gang Dance also brings some heavy beats. For example, new single “Glass Jar” builds into an entrancing, trip-hop anthem that's as booty-shaking as anything currently on 101.1 The Beat Jamz. —WILLIAM HOOKER

Definitely sounds like a description of music to me! If you're interested, tickets are $12-$14, and doors are 9 p.m. Now just give us a minute. We're coaxing more words out of our rock-addled brains.

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