Nashville Music Council Renamed 'Music City Music Council (MC2),' Significantly Downsizes



Arent they chair-iffic?
  • Aren't they chair-iffic?
Contrary to management speak in times of corporate and industrial upheaval, you can rarely ever do “more with less” in the arena of resources — you do less with less. It’s a simple, three-times-one-minus-one-equals-two equation, unless, of course, you’ve got too many cooks in the kitch.

That’s essentially what recently re-elected Nashville Mayor, and my one-time fellow scarfer-downer of sandwiches, Karl Dean, seems to suggest was the sitch in a press release announcing mach-two-style changes to his Nashville Music Council, which, as detailed in this Scene cover story from last year, was launched in 2009 by the mayor’s office and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce as a boosterism vehicle to bolster Nashville’s “Music City” brand.

Now rechristened with the dictionarily reiterative, pseudo-scientific moniker of Music City Music Council (MC2), the Mayor’s previously 60-industry-insider-strong, Music Row-centric task force of metro music biz-minded grease-grinders has been paired down to about a third of its original size to make for a more lean, mean advisory machine. The council will now consist of a 21-member body focused on placing a “greater focus on economic development in the music industry.” So reads the press release, anyway, which quotes Dean as saying of the change:

Under this new structure, the Music Council will be better equipped to recruit entertainment companies and visitors to our city and all that Nashville offers.

And the council’s recently appointed co-chair, Randy Goodman, echoed the Mayor’s sentiments, adding:

This streamlined Council is a direct response to the Mayor’s desire for an increased focus on economic development, which over the long term will help continue to grow Nashville as the global Music City.

Among the gang of 21 on the revamped council are Ryman Auditorium General Manager Sally Williams, Vector Management Partner Ken Levitan and Nashville Sony/ATV Publishing CEO Troy Tomlinson. Absent from the council's class of 2011 roster are known-by-general-public names like Jack White, Kix Brooks and Emmylou Harris.

Honey Hopkins, who acted previously as liaison between the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the council, will head up the second-wave council’s day-to-day ops. Wanna link to their official site? Here you go.

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