Quichenight Live at The Toy Box [Fresh Vids]



Quichenight. You remember. It's that “garage-y, lo-fi, high-brow easy listening music for nerds” project from Brett Rosenberg (also of The Joiners) that Gold hipped you to back in December. A couple of weeks ago, Rosenberg & Co. played a show at Elijah "Lij" Shaw's The Toy Box. (Shaw, by the way, has worked with all sorts of artists, from The Features and Fluid Ounces to The Spinto Band and Autumn Defense.)

At their Toy Box show, a few of Quichenight's tunes were committed to film, including "615" (above), which Rosenberg says came across as "kind of a trainwreck." True, that transition into 3/4 time at 1:25 didn't go quite as smoothly as perhaps it could have, but who wouldn't like lyrics rhyming "I feel like a chode" with "My credit score's lower than my area code"? That's frequent East Side sideman Andy Willhite on bass, who — as anyone who attended Mayhem's Born to Run tribute at The 5 Spot on Sunday can attest — makes a hell of a Little Steven. Anyway, "Does Cilantro Taste Like Soap?" is another highlight. Watch that one after the jump.

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