Pawn Shop APB: The Ettes Robbed




Bummerino Metropolis Alert: The Ettes' house was broken into while they were on tour. This is shit we never like to hear, obviously. But fortunately for The Ettes, they had most of their gear with them on the road when the break-in occurred — you might recall that JEFF the Brotherhood wasn't so lucky a few weeks back.

One Ette says that, while not too much of what was taken had a whole lot of monetary worth, a couple of items had some sentimental value. Most notably, the Epiphone Sheraton referred to in the above tweet. Further described as "sunbursty and cracked in several places," the guitar belonged to bassist Jem Cohen. So be a sport. If you see something, say something. And if you don't know what an Epiphone Sheraton looks like, click here.

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