Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay in Short Film Plugging Chipotle's Pro-Environmentalism



If you follow along with our nosh-oriented sister blog, Bites, you probably saw yesterday's post about Willie Nelson covering Coldplay's "The Scientist" in a Chipotle short film/ad called "Back to the Start." Given the nature of Bites, I imagine readers over there were generally most interested in Chipotle's claims that their Chipotle Cultivate Foundation "provides funding to support sustainable agriculture, family farming, and culinary education."

But here, on a music-oriented blog, I'd like to wonder aloud, "Does this bother anyone?"

It doesn't bother me.

I'll mash up a couple of quotes from myself — from this post and this comment thread, respectively — and say, "Dude's a baller," and "he can do whatever he wants." Also, wouldn't you rather hear Willie covering Coldplay than the other way around?

Anyway, Chris Martin sometimes refers to himself as "Crono," and he did this, thus proving he at least has a sense of humor about himself. And Willie recently incurred some legal fees, after all. And if Chipotle does indeed support sustainable agriculture, then that's a great cause. Art's kind of cool, too.

Does it sound like I'm making apologies for Willie Nelson? That's silly. The Red-Headed Stranger sure as shit doesn't need his case pleaded by the likes of me. Point is, who cares?

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