Spurgeon's General Warning: Birthday Twins!



Like all self-professed "creatives," I have a tendency to be very self-absorbed. And because I'm allowed to talk about pretty much whatever I want in this little Thursday column, I may as well announce that today is my birthday. Hooray! No one cares! But Sept. 1, in addition to being the start date of World War II, is also the birthday of many celebrated creatives who have actually contributed something to the world. Lily Tomlin! Dr. Phil! September 11 mastermind Mohamed Atta! And three musicians who each hit the top of their respective genres, Virgo-style. Who are these birthday twins? Look it up on Wikipedia, or find out below!

Country music person Conway Twitty! Though I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee, I did not grow up with country music. The only knowledge I had of birthday twin Conway Twitty was through commercials for Twitty City. I never went (why would I?), and just learned the place is now owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is pretty gross. But here's a clip of Twitty City in its glory days, as featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I like how $3.5 million used to be a lot more money.

Adamantium-spined songstress of South Florida Gloria Estefan! My ex-boyfriend's mom always said Gloria Estefan was her favorite musician, and that is something I found both admirable and bizarre. As far as I know, no one dislikes Gloria Estefan, but what exactly has she done to earn "favorite" status? Maybe it's her intensity in the below video. Happy Birthday, Gloria!

Angel-voiced disco duck Barry Gibb! Straight up, I have no time for people who are too cool for school and still go out of their way to deny perfect pop harmonies that hold up 30-plus years later. "Oh, I'm really into slushcore, but disco sucks." Go fuck yourself. Listen to this magic.

Anyway! Who are your birthday twins? Do you have anyone better? When is Jarvis Cocker's birthday?

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