Fresh Tracks and Vids: Diarrhea Planet, Look What I Did, The Features, Jonny Corndawg [Media Bits]



* Yesterday I chattered at you regarding local punk-rock outfit Diarrhea Planet and how they were supposed to be premiering a new song via Spin. Nothing happened. Until today. You can now hear DP's punk-pop onslaught "Warm Ridin' " at Spin. Or hear it here after the jump, in fact. The track actually premiered under the headline "EXCLUSIVE: Hear JEFF the Brotherhood's Faves." Looks like it took Spin 24 hours to figure out how not to use the word "diarrhea" in the title of their post.

* By their own admission, locals Look What I Did straddle a lot of genre lines — "punk, melodic mathcore, post-hardcore, experimental rock & roll and pop" is how they put it. Well, LWID is currently working on a rock opera titled Zanzibar III: Analog Prison, and their first installment ("Episode One: Brigham Young & David Koresh Rally the Troops on the Moon") is ... well, it's fuckin' ambitious. Reptilian humanoids, water shortages on the moon, et cetera. Space epic stuff. More installments to come, but hear this one via Look What I Did's site or after the jump.

* You Tell Concerts was at The Features' Wilderness release show last weekend at Mercy Lounge. Given The Features' audience, there's a dearth of typical YTC feedback (i.e., "They were fuckin' awwwesome!"), and instead a lot of relatively articulate conversing. Keep your eyes peeled for Scene/Cream shutterbug Steve Cross "popping" his YTC "cherry." Nice one, Steve!

* Jonny Corndawg's on a record cycle! Having just released Down on the Bikini Line, Corndawg dropped in at American Songwriter to perform a series of tunes. There's "Night Rider", "Chevy Beretta" and my personal favorite, "Fools and Sages," which features a sizable helping of that country philosophy the 'Dawg is known for. Oh, and this here's Dad Country.

Episode One of Look What I Did's Zanzibar III: Analog Prison:

YouTell Features:

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