Leslie 'Noisebloid' Keffer Covers Voice of the Valley Noise Fest for Vice



Not pictured: Hygiene.
  • Not pictured: Hygiene.
In case you've forgotten, allow me to introduce you once more to Nashvillian Leslie Keffer: She runs a noise blog called Noisebloid, she is the "linchpin" of the Betty's-based local noise scene, and she sometimes releases albums — like this one — via Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace imprint.

Keffer is also something of a traveling, gonzo-style experimental-music reporter. You see, last weekend, Tusco Embassy held their third annual Voice of the Valley Festival of Weird Music in Pentress, W. Va., which featured performances from locals Keffer, Hobbledeions, Unicorn Hardon and more. With no electricity other than the generator used to power the stage, no facilities other than portable toilets and no rules other than "Get weird" (I assume), some might balk at a weirdo fest like VotV. Keffer, however, went there to the maximum, and she reported on it for Vice. There were some astute notes about, you know, what performances actually sounded like, but my favorite bits (surprise!) are the ones about drugs and stuff:

Drug Report
As the night went on the drug dealers became apparent. There was a guy from Jersey who had Molly, a girl from Chicago had Ecstasy and gallons of whiskey. Twig (Nautical Almanac) was rumored to be on Shrek, and Lavender (Cock E.S.P.) lost her mushrooms. About 85% of the people in attendance were under the influence of the aforementioned drugs. And no one had a scale.

A Long Walk
Aaron Hibbs (Sword Heaven, etc.) drove the gear back and forth from the stage to the parking lot for people this year. I overheard Aaron telling Rat Bastard that after VoV he will be leaving Baltimore to start his practice walk for when he hoola hoops around the world in 2012. He will be walking from Baltimore to the West Coast. Rat tells him, “I knew a guy that tried to walk from Moscow to Mexico City who quit when he got to Siberia.” Aaron smiled and said, “Yeah, Siberia’s pretty rough.”

You see? Festival reporting, my friends, is all about color — in this case, those colors specifically being the color of mud-smeared flesh, drug-speckled mixed drinks and whatever the fuck "Shrek" is. Congrats on staying alive, Keffer!

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