Country Singer and Sirius Radio Host Elizabeth Cook Is Charming on Letterman



Elizabeth Cook is a Nashville-based country singer and host of Apron Strings on Sirius Radio's Outlaw Country. And while Cook's particular strand of contemporary country isn't typical Nashville Cream fare, it's certainly some of the most interesting stuff in the field — plus she did a Velvet Underground cover, and that's exactly the sort of thing the Cream approves of.

Point is, Cook was on last night's episode of The Late Show With David Letterman. Letterman himself says he's a fan of Apron Strings and finds Cook's personality especially endearing, and it's plain to see why. There's no performance here, but in her chat with Letterman, Cook talks about her moonshiner father and his prison band, growing up as a hillbilly and the definition of "outlaw country." You can stream the full episode via the CBS website, though that link may expire before too long. Also, the CBS video player kind of sucks. So prepare for that.

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