Stream Jonny Corndawg at Paste, Dead Gathering of the Juggalos Attendee a Murfreesboroan, Rosanne Cash on Fresh Air Again, Animal Collective in Sam Smith's Shirt [Newsy Bits]



* Former/sometime Nashvillian Jonny Corndawg's Down on the Bikini Line will be out one week from tomorrow, and contributor Edd Hurt has a full-on review that will run in next week's dead-tree edition. But if you want to go ahead and hear all the tunes from the trad-country joker/King of Air-Brushed T-Shirts, you can stream the whole thing over at Paste's website.

* For all the ribbing we like to give the Juggalos for their annual Gathering at Cave-in-Rock, Ill., some things are no laughing matter. Like festival attendees being found dead, for instance. Turns out that a body found in the Ohio River in Western Kentucky was that of 24-year-old Murfreesboroan Jesse Waters, who was attending the Gathering when he went missing.

* Rosanne Cash was on Fresh Air, talking about that list of 100 essential songs her father Johnny gave her when she turned 18 — you know, the list that was the inspiration for The List. Looks like the interview was initially aired a couple of years back, but it was re-broadcast, so revisit it, or tune in for the first time if it's new to you.

* You know Sam Smith? He's in My So-Called Band and Ben Folds' band, and he also designs some pretty bitchin' film posters. Like the one for House (Hausu), which went national. You know shit's big-time when Animal Collective's Geologist is all about it. Check out Pitchfork TV's interview and performance footage of AC at the P4k fest. Geologist is rocking Smith's design on a pretty sweet-looking T. Whether or not you're a fan of the Collective, that's good exposure.

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