Conference Call: The Features, 'Content'



This is exciting! The Cream's Conference Call video series is back with our sixth installment, this time featuring indie-pop masterminds and longtime local faves The Features. As you'll no doubt recall — considering we've beaten into your respective skulls rather thoroughly — The Features will be playing our Cream Anniversary Party this Saturday, Aug. 20, at Third Man Records. (I hope you already bought tickets, because we won't be doing walk-ups.) You know what's awesome? All three of the artists playing our party have now recorded Conference Call installments. (See also: Tristen's Conference Call, Evan P. Donohue's Conference Call.)

Above, see Matt Pelham and Mark Bond of The Features doing "Content" from their recent release Wilderness, a record that I liked almost as much as anyone can like anything — on a one-to-five scale, anyhow. We've got another video in the can and coming your way, so stay tuned for that. We'll try to post tomorrow. Oh, and if you snoozed on tickets to the Cream party, don't fret: You can still catch The Features' official Wilderness release party at Mercy Lounge on Aug. 27.

As always, this installment of our Conference Call series was directed and edited by Seth Graves.

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