By Lighting Album Release Show Tonight at The Basement, Book Club at No. 308



You guys know about relative newcomers By Lightning yet? I say "relative newcomers," but most of these guys have been on the scene for a minute — perhaps closer to a minute-and-a-half, come to think of it. You may recognize frontman Joel J. Dahl as the frontman of now-defunct indie-pop group De Novo Dahl. And Jerry Pentecost, who's back there behind the kit, was a member of DND's latter-day, near-dozen-member incarnation, too.

Tonight at The Basement, Dahl & Co.'s new outfit will release their debut, Sand Down the Edges. You can watch a live rendition of "Take a Rest on Me" above and preview a few songs from the record at By Lightning's Bandcamp page or after the jump. It's got the sort of playful instrumentation, grand vocal melodies and power-pop leanings that will be familiar to De Novo Dahl fans. (And "New Union Tune" is especially reminiscent of a heartfelt, Canadian, Grammy-winning ensemble some of you guys may have heard of. Something about suburbs.) Oh Dang Lo Mein and Brian Ritchey will also play tonight.

Oh, and since I mentioned Jerry Pentecost a minute ago, get this: He and local roustabout Brandon Jazz have been hosting a weekly party every Thursday at No. 308 on the East Side, and they call it Book Club. They spin records and give stuff away. Since Jerry will be drumming at The Basement, Cream contributor and wax master Sean L. Maloney will fill in for him until he makes it over to the East. Stuff to do on a Thursday night. Deal!

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