The Ettes Do Daytrotter



Well, there was some talk about The Ettes potentially having a provocative illustration for their Daytrotter session, but looks like they decided instead to go the tradish route. That's cool, too.

Anyway, The Ettes ventured up north to track a handful of numbers — two from 2009's Do You Want Power? and two from the forthcoming Wicked Will (out Tuesday, Aug. 2, via Fond Object). The four tunes, unsurprisingly, feature some swaggering, femme-fatale garage-rock thump, the ultra-mean, thick-as-hell bass tone of Jem Cohen and frontwoman Coco Hames' self-assured croon. The highlight, for me, is their take on "My Baby Cried All Night Long," a song penned by Lee Hazlewood for Nancy Sinatra's 1966 release, How Does That Grab You? (This is what Nancy and Lee's version sounded like.) Strong session, and as always, you've got the delightfully nebulous words of Daytrotter rep Sean Moeller to accompany the sounds. "The songs are a series of dares," says Moeller, "of these strong-assed women saying, 'You go ahead and do that and see what it'll get you.' " Fair enough!

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