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  • The Carnival Kia guy has been losing his grip on reality for some time.

This post about to blow! Everybody knows that the $upreme Queen of Tra$h Pop, Ke$ha, is playing at Municipal Auditorium on $unday, July 31, yes? As a matter of fact, contributor Sean L. Maloney spoke with the locally residing Ke$h-Ke$h, and his feature will be out in tomorrow's dead-tree edition. We'll actually be posting their convo as well, so stay tuned for that. The two talked about shellfish, talked about not being selfish, talked about Motel 8 and talked about feelin' great.

But in the meantime, let's get someone a pair of tickets. You know how this works. Come up with an uproarious caption or captions for the above image, and post it in our comments section. The submission we deem the funniest will earn its writer a pair of tickets for Sunday's show. Remember to include your email address. We won't publish your address or your name, but we'll need both in order to hook you up with your winnings. We'll call this one around noon on Friday. Try to be near your computer — if we don't hear back within a couple of hours, we'll have to offer the tickets to the next person in line. And if you doubt your ability to be funny, you can purchase tickets the old-fashioned way (i.e., via the Internet). Also, you should have more confidence. We all have the funny in us somewhere. All right ... Go!

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UPDATE: We have our winner. Thanks for playing.

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