Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces' 'Deal With It' Vid, JEFF the Brotherhood on KEXP, Jensen Sportag's Memory Tapes Remix [Newsy Bits]



* Cream contributor Seth Graves directed the above video for Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces' "Deal With It," and it features bone-rollin', decadent hot tub times, local-rock-dude cameos a-plenty, a Pleasantville-esque colorization moment courtesy of Gumby and some general sexual weirdness (or weirdual sexness, if you will). If the tune sounds familiar, that's not only because it sounds like a Huey Lewis number — it's also because we've shared it with you before. Director Graves characterizes the video as potential "troll bait," so let's see what you've got, trolls.

* JEFF the Brotherhood's "Mellow Out" made Seattle-based KEXP's Song of the Day. Just goes to show you that the Brothers Orrall are beloved from coast to coast, and here in the middle as well. Says writer Jason Kinnard, JEFF's brand-new We Are the Champions is a "fuzzy power punk guitar showcase that sounds a lot like if you crossed Weezer with classic rock, or Hagfish with 60′s psych, or the Ramones with AC/DC." Keep on truckin', JEFFers!

* Jensen Sportag remixed Memory Tapes' "Wait in the Dark," and you can hear it here or after the jump. You can hear Sportag's full remix portfolio here, which features remixes of locals like Uncle Skeleton and Keegan DeWitt, nationals like Au Revoir Simone and plenty more. Busy boys, those Sportagians, and good jams, to boot. Update: The remix already has thousands of plays and is out as part of Memory Tapes' tour EP, and The Fader's got some words on it — among them "sliding guitar delay" and "playful way of working the bass."

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