Happy Fourth of July + Independence Day Round-Up



Bill Haslam?

America! We did it! So we Scene/Cream Teamers aren't in the office today, this most sacred of days. But that doesn't mean we can't still hip you to some of your ID4 options, at least music-wise. Tonight at Mercy Lounge, Brandon Jazz will be hosting his 8 off 8th America Style, for which I penned a Critic's Pick. See that below. There's also the Music City July Fourth celebration at Riverfront Park, featuring Darius Rucker, The Willis Clan, The Dirty Guv'Nahs, former American Idol contestant Ayla Brown, The Cleverlys and some big-ass fireworks. And then you've got Sonny 3's Fourth of July Party at Center Stage, featuring Dub Assembly, Delano, Wattie Green, DJ Wick-It, Sam & Tre, Kidsmeal and more. Happy Fourth, everyone. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make out with Lady Liberty.

Say what you will about local attention-craving roustabout Brandon Jazz — he knows how to throw a wiener party. Last year’s Fourth of July celebration at Mercy Lounge featured enough bands, buds and glistening, tubular meat treats to sink the USS Independence, not to mention how great the view of the Riverfront fireworks display was from Mercy’s patio. This year, the Fourth falls on a Monday, meaning that — in addition to free hot dogs going to all “attendees whose attire is patriotically themed” in honor of The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s National Hot Dog Month — the celebration falls in line with Mercy Lounge’s weekly 8 off 8th series. Performing bands include locals Bravo Max, Tesla Rossa, Dungeon Honey, Scene faves The Billy Goats, Jazz’s own Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces and more. There will also be an Armed Forces music video premier and specials on Yuengling and New Belgium products, plus an appearance from Uncle Sam and some goon named Tex Rambunctious reading the Constitution. And perhaps most importantly, there will be a voter registration drive presented by Obama for America. All right, Jazz. We’ll bite.

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