Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Gray, Starlito, Rashad the Poet, Kidsmeal, Al D, Gummy Soul]



Who's ready for a long weekend? This has been the longest damn week, chock-full of shitty music, and I'm ready to spend my weekend goofing off and listening to good music. Luckily it's been a pretty productive week here in hip-hop land, and I've got a good head start. Up first is the ... well, a trailer for a mixtape from Gray. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about trailers for mixtapes, but the fact that almost nothing happens in this trailer has me intrigued. What can I say? I'm a sucker for minimalism, and that beat is smoooooth — I have the feeling it's going to be a dope tape. Also, I was sent the link during a rather arduous bit of writer's block, so he wins points for timing, too. Al. right, on to the next one, as Jay Z might say ...

* New Starlito video! If you haven't grabbed his @War With Myself tape, go do it now. He's got one of the grimiest voices in town, and the new record is really intense and really engaging.

* Rashad the Poet has a new single out called "L.R.B.P." and I'm digging it — it's got a nice roller-rink vibe to it with warm synths and a call-and-response that screams "Fire up the grill!" Put this one on you back yard barbecue playlist. [Soundcloud]

* While it's not hip-hop in the strictest, strictest sense — more like hip-hop in the most cosmic sense — Kidsmeal's new tape Bouillabass is off the chain. Incorporating glitch, dubstep, electro, hip-hop and even a little (awesome) drum 'n' bass, the Kid basically tramples all conceptions of what can be done with a pair of turntables. And he gets the double-word score for an awesome food pun. [Soundcloud]

* Al D's new tape, Vitamin D, is DOPE!!! If you're the kind of rap cat that clings close to the classic sound of the '90s New York underground, you're gonna want to cop this quick. The Boom Bap crew associate drops tight, fun rhymes over funky, jazzy beats. DJ Rate is on the cuts, and damn if it doesn't make me wanna hang out by the pool. If I had a pool. Or knew anyone that did. Also, Al D gets the double-word score for the epic food pun "Can I Cook It" featuring Gummy Soul's Kurtis Stanley. [Dat Piff]

* And last but not least, Gummy Soul is making a rare live appearance this weekend after the Art Crawl over at the Ha Factory.

* Have a great Fourth, and remember: Don't drink and drive, watch out for cops, and don't do anything I wouldn't do twice.

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