Because It's Friday: MTV Mini-Documentary on 'Sampling' From 1988 [Stale Vid]



"James Brown was finished. James Brown was old. Rap and sampling made James Brown new again." Even in 1988, Will Smith was doling out pearls of total wisdom. In the above mini-doc, which aired on MTV Australia about 23 years ago, you'll find champions of artistic integrity like Debbie Gibson and Steve Stevens questioning the merits of "this powerful technology" that "the law has yet to catch up with," while dudes like The Beastie Boys articulately defend sampling. Well, good thing we've sorted out that whole legal issue and this is no longer a controversial topic! Also, Lou Reed's hair! Belmont professor and Turtles founding member Mark Volman is in there, too.

Anyhow, sampling: Anyone can do it. As that fly-looking Aussie VJ notes with great insight, paying artists for sampling their tunes "seems pretty logical, but then again, so do a lot of things, I guess." Thanks for that, Australian dude.

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