Gillian Welch, Marideth Sisco, Steve Miller Band, The Paperhead, The Little Bear, Casa Castile and More: Inside This Week's Music Section



Tell Me, Who's That Writin'?: Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings traveled a good long way to arrive at their excellent new album, The Harrow & the Harvest (out via Acony Records)

The Winter of Our Great Content: The incredible saga of amazing geriatric hillbilly Marideth Sisco, the singer from Winter's Bone (Playing Sunday, 26th at The End)

Time Keeps on Slippin' ... Slippin' ... Slippin' ... : How and why, in his darkest hour, a friend turned to Steve Miller Band (Playing Tuesday, 28th at The Ryman)

Local Record Round-Up: The latest diggable tunes from locals The Paperhead, Little Bear and Casa Castile

In The Spin: Miami Horror, How I Became the Bomb and Cherub at Mercy Lounge, The Spits, TV Ghost, Cy Barkley and More at The End

Plus Critics’ Picks on Epic Ditch, The Bridges, Buffalo Clover, Perpetuum Jazzile, Grayson Capps and the Lost Cause Minstrels, Jim Lauderdale, P.D.A., Sleepy Vikings, Foster the People and more

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