Kyle Andrews, 'Lazer Tag With Imaginary Friends' [Fresh Track]




Given it’s been about a year-and-a-half since he leaked the first of its tracks, it’s safe to say local singer, songwriter, record breaker and YouTube sensation Kyle Andrews has been taking his sweet-ass time on the new record. Originally scheduled for May 2010, the concept-ish Robot Learn Love will finally see a summer release — catch a teaser of it on his Bandcamp site — and its first official single, “Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends,” was unleashed yesterday.

To compensate for the day-late news, you can download it at this link or below for free. Like last year’s batch of leaks, this thing stinks of Andrews’ trademarks. Not the bad stink, though. It stinks like international cheese or dank bud — the good stink. This is an odoriferous pop-based potential summer jam built from strapping analog synths that hurtles a galaxy of melodies with an electro-funk monkey gnawing at its back.

Robot Learn Love drops Aug. 16 on Elephant Lady Records.

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