Raise Money for SGRRC and Win an iPad 2, Aaron Robinson Gets Nerdy, Coachella Doubles [Newsy Bits]


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* The Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp and YEAH! — those are the two Tennessee-based organizations that help get kids into the arts, the first of which was founded by Kelley Darlin of Those Darlins — are currently raising funds in order to "cover an increased scholarship demand." The sweetest plum? If you raise over $300, you will be eligible win an iPad 2. (Actually, the sweetest plum is being a good person and helping out however you can.) To participate, email artsempoweryouth[at]gmail[dot]com or go here, then create a Go Fund Me account and start raising cash. An iPad will go to the person who raises the most money. Contest ends Friday, July 29, and the winner will be announced at SGRRC's annual Saturday Showcase at Siegel High School on July 30.

* Aaron Robinson — local songster, onetime Imaginary Baseball League frontman and inadvertent porn-score contributorpenned a post for Talk Nerdy 2 Me, a "college life blog brought to you by The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Robinson talks a bit about the difficulties of balancing academia with rockademia and so forth. While you're at it, hear some of his tunes.

* And from The Department of Next-Level Music Festival Game-Changers: Beginning in 2012, Coachella will be doubling. That doesn't mean twice as many artists, mind you. It means the same lineup will be featured over two back-to-back weekends. This comes as a result of Coachella's passes selling out in just six days this year. Since this year's Bonnaroo tickets also sold out so remarkably quickly, some folks are wondering if the 'Roo honchos will follow suit. When I interviewed Bonnaroo creator and top dog Ashley Capps a couple of weeks ago, there was no mention of a double-up scenario. Capps did, however, mention the fact that he and his fellow 'Roo-ganizers have "thought about different ways of using the site for other events." Hmmm.


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