Vinnie Vincent Update: Former KISS Guitarist, Alleged Wife Beater and Dead-Dog Hoarder Will Not Face Animal Abuse Charges, Was Arrested by Tactical Force



Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincents Rutherford Co. Booking Photo
  • Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent's Rutherford Co. Booking Photo
Who wants to lick up more deets on the whole Vinnie Vincent, dead-dog-hoarding, domestic-abuse fiasco?

As you may recall, the former KISS guitarist — real name Vincent Cusano — was arrested Saturday night and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly tuned up his wife during a fight over a conversation with another woman. Upon Cusano's arrest, police found the bodies of four dead dogs on his property. And if that’s what constitutes rockin’ and rollin’ all night for the onetime Ankh Warrior, I shudder to think what partyin’ every day is like over at the Cusanos’ Rutherford County crib.

First things first: Cusano will not face animal-abuse charges. PAWS (Pet Adoption Welfare Services) will not pursue a case against him, all but confirming his wife’s claim that the four tail-waggers found bereft of life at the couple’s home got that way after falling prey to a vicious alpha dog — one of nine surviving canines the couple still owns, according to (you guessed it) TMZ.

If anything, such developments suggest the Roger Moore of KISS guitarists was an animal lover. Perhaps too much of an animal lover — entombing his perished pets in the plastic containers police found them sealed in, each with “little memorials written on them,” then keeping and coveting them in his house like Norman Bates did his mother. Or if you prefer a more wholesome cinematic analogy, we could say that, like Diane Lane at 40, Cusano Must Love Dogs … a lot.

Another detail of Cusano’s domestic violence arrest that has come to light: He, by the looks of it, didn’t surrender easily. Rock News Daily — via the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office — reports that, after “multiple” failed attempts to make contact with Cusano, police employed negotiation and F.A.S.T. (Felony Arrest Search Tactical) teams to “tackle” the alleged wife-beater when taking him into custody at his Smyrna residence, located at 101 Woodland Trail. Once contact was made, he was apprehended without incident, declining to make any statements upon questioning.

Cusano’s court date is set for June 23, begging the question: Will soldiers of the KISS Army show up in Ankh Warrior face paint to support? I doubt it.

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