Keegan DeWitt, 'Thunder Clatter' and the Score to Why I Run [Fresh Vids]



We discussed Keegan DeWitt's song "Thunder Clatter" about a month ago. You see, DeWitt was touring as a member of Daytrotter's Barnstormer Tour, and he was giving the tune away as a free download at his shows and streaming it via Spinner. Well, DeWitt set some footage from the Barnstormer Tour (shot by Kacie Williams) to his jam — a jam that is rich in rhythmic pulse and hooky sweetness. Looks like the tour was a blast. Watch above.

Also, DeWitt — who's been known to write film scores on occasion — provided the score for the extremely heartrending short film you'll see after the jump. It's called Why I Run, and it's about Push America, an organization concerned with "building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today." More info at DeWitt's site.

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