Telekinesis, Tonight at The End



How's everyone holding up? Anybody get their shit crushed by last night's storm? I woke up with this going on in my front yard, so that was nice. Anyhow, you know what else crushes things? Telekinesis. How's that for a clumsy segue? Seriously though, Telekinesis is from Seattle, they're signed to Merge Records, and they've got a singing drummer — all good signs. Steve Haruch penned a Critic's Pick. Let's read it, shall we?

Joining the long, proud line of Drummers Who Sing — OK, so maybe the line isn’t that long, or particularly proud (looking at you, Don Henley) — Michael Benjamin Lerner fronts Telekinesis from behind the kit. The Seattle indie-pop wunderkind has a good ear for melody and a smart sense of arrangement, both of which are evident on the band’s nearly eponymous debut Telekinesis!, which was produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla. In keeping with the whole notion that telekinesis means you can move things with your mind, these are sometimes cerebral ditties. But in its live incarnation the band is anything but effete: They more than held their own at a star-studded Merge Records showcase during this year’s South by Southwest, and they did so by finding the essential rock core of the songs — and going for it all-out.

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