Yelp Wants You to Drink More Alcohol, Tonight at Mercy Lounge



Also from The Department of Stuff Tonight That Isn't Ted Leo comes this thing. Yelp wants people — Nashvillians, specifically — to drink a lot more. Our brothers and sisters at Bites already told you a little about this soiree, but here are some official details:

Nashville was recently labeled the "Most Sober City In The US". Help us fight these frivolous claims at the Band of Boozers Rally and March! Begins at the Yazoo Brewery at 5 pm and then makes it way to Mercy Lounge at 6:30 pm for a booze-infused rendition of Rock and Roll Team Trivia. It's all free!

The above video — which features local dude Dean Shortland in character as the curiously accented Tex Rambunctious — was shot by Cream contributor Seth Graves for Yelp. The lineup for tonight's show has switched up a bit, but latest we heard, BETA, Neon Panthers and DJs Vitalic Noise and Wild Cub will perform, and this event kicks off Yelp's "Nashville Drinks Week." My two cents? (Not that you asked.) Maybe encouraging binge drinking isn't the best marketing angle ever?

By the way, a long time ago in a neighborhood far, far away (South Inglewood), I worked as a Yelp "Scout," reviewing local businesses, restaurants, post offices and liquor stores, helping Yelp "build" its "brand." Yelp never, however, insisted that I imbibe alcohol before writing my reviews. That didn't stop me, though!

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