YK Records' Michael Eades Wants to Know What You'll Pay for a Digital Download



Over at Yewknee, regally mustachioed design maven Mr. Michael Eades — founder of locally based YK Records — wants to know what modern purchasers of music think about its digital dissemination. Eades typically uses Bandcamp to distribute his artists' tunes, but he's curious about listeners' preferences, and he wants your input:

While my goal has never, and will never, be to turn a profit at all costs (it'd be nice, but not necessary) I am curious about the mentality people have behind buying digital albums. Are you more inclined to buy an album if it's a Name Your Own Price with a minimum of $1? Or if it's marked as entirely Free? Imagine hearing an album you really wanted - what would your mental reaction be if it were priced at $5 just for digital files?

Full disclosure: I feel it's important to note that I was in a band whose album was released via YK Records. However, that band no longer exists, and the album in question can be downloaded for free. Even if you were to pay for the record, I stand to make no money from its sale. So no, this is not a ploy to get you to listen to that band I'm not in.

The point is, Eades is a progressive individual when it comes to the formats and means via which he distributes his artists' releases. Even so, he sees that there are some listeners out there who straight-up won't pay for anything. He wants to know — if that's the way things are heading — how much will you pay? What is an album worth to the average listener? Keep in mind, not everyone has that ingrained moral code that tells them, "If you want to hear it, it's worth paying for. The people responsible for this piece of art deserve payment." But then again, raise your hand if you've never illegally downloaded a record. Exactly.

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